Dental Hygiene Program

Hampton Beach Dentists employs a highly experienced dental hygienist. Dental hygienist's provides 3 types of services to their patients.

  • Preventive services to promote and maintain good oral health.
  • Educational services to help patients to develop behaviours that lead to better oral health.
  • Therapeutic services which are treatments meant to stop disease and maintain healthy tissue in the mouth.

At Hampton Beach Dentists, our hygienist plays a vital role in your healthcare routine. We believe that good oral health is important to your overall wellbeing. It makes an enormous difference in our ongoing efforts to help you to keep your teeth for life.

A routine professional cleaning, in conjunction with a full check-up is the best way of maintaining the health of your teeth and gums and avoiding painful dental emergencies.

Our hygienist is a licensed dental professional, with more than 20 years experience, passionate about preventive care.

Your hygiene appointment will involve:

  • Screening your gums for any signs of gum disease (results are charted for future references and x-ray are taken when required).
  • Removal of plaque, calculus and staining.
  • Treatment plan (a plan will be discussed with you to walk you through preventive or restorative gum disease treatment).
  • Demonstrating brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Advice on Oral Care products.
  • Dietary advice, when required.
  • Evaluation and Maintenance program (a recommendation of how frequently you need to have your gums checked will be established).

Other services that our hygienist can provide for you are:

  • Fissure Sealants.
  • Teeth whitening treatment.
  • Sports mouthguard.
  • Oral hygiene instruction/education for children (this involves painting the children's teeth with a special solution, making plaque visible on the child's teeth, which helps them to understand and make them feel comfortable with dental treatment.

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