How Does Hampton Beach Dentists Sterilise Instruments?

We have modern autoclaves (sterilisers) so that all instruments used have either been fully sterilized prior to use on each patient, or are single use i.e. disposable.

All our dental assistants are fully qualified in sterilization techniques to ensure that all requirements are above standards and according to NMHRC (Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Infections in Healthcare).

Is Hampton Beach Dentist an Accredited Practice?

Yes, Hampton Beach Dentists is a fully accredited Practice. For information on accreditation please visit the QIP website.

QIP Accredited Dental Practice

Which Health Funds can you use at Hampton Beach Dentists?

We can process claims for most health funds using HICAPS. However, we are not a preferred provider to any particular health fund.

Being a "preferred provider" involves taking up a contract with a particular health insurance company, and working to a fee schedule and any associated constraints determined by that insurance company. While it may not universally be the case, the fee schedules determined by the health insurance companies may limit the time, care and services able to be provided to patients, as well as pre-determine the quality of materials used, potentially adversely affecting the overall treatment plan.

Being a "preferred provider" does not necessarily mean that the health insurance company is endorsing the quality of treatment provided to patients by that particular dentist.

These contractual relationships between an insurance company and their contracted dentist may be beneficial to them but not to you! You may not be able to choose the dentist you prefer and the continuity of care may be compromised as the new health care provider doesn't have knowledge of your treatment history. Preferred provider programs aim to help health funds save money, not to help you access the best possible care.

Hampton Beach Dentists firmly believe that all patients should be treated with the upmost integrity and with highly individualised treatment plans and not a "one size fits all" approach.

Taking all these factors into account, it's important that you're aware of the drawbacks associated with preferred provider schemes before you choose a private health fund.

To better understand what a preferred provider means, please visit:

It's Your Choice FAQ, Australian Dental Association


Thinking about seeking dental treatment overseas?

We encourage people to read the following article regarding the possible risks associated with seeking dental treatment overseas.


What does Hampton Beach Dentists do to minimise the effect of dental care on the environment?

Hampton Beach Dentists is a participant in the Dentists for Cleaner Water initiative.  

Dentists for Cleaner Water

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